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Friday, August 13, 2010

Try, Try Again!

A while ago I created the above gag. It never sold. It "almost" sold to an environmental magazine, but at the time they had an overstock of cartoons and decided they would have to pass on it. None of the other publications I submitted it to seemed interested.

Well, I thought it was a pretty good gag (as most cartoonists think about all our gags). So, I decided I would rework the drawing, but keep the original gag line. I then marketed it to an entirely different group of publications. And, what do you know, this time it was picked up by the SUN. Here it is below. The SUN did change the gag line a bit on me, as you can see they took out the word 'nuclear". And, they also changed my name a bit, as you "can't" see, by cropping it out entirely!

The moral of the story. If you think you have a good gag, (as most cartoonists think about all our gags) don't give up on it!

Until next time.

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