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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy 50th Rich!!!

We just celebrated my Brother-In-Law, Rich's 50th birthday today. What a milestone! That's half a century old! So, I wanted to do something special for him that I thought he would get a kick out of so I tried thinking, "now what does he really like to do". Well, then it dawned on me. "Texas Hold'em"! He thoroughly enjoys playing Texas Hold'em Poker. He goes to many of the local tournaments in his area throughout the year and really gets into it. So with that in mind, I began thinking of different types of play on words involving Texas Hold'em and I finally came up with "Texans Hold'im". All I could picture was a room full of cowboys grabbing all the incoming unsuspecting entries and holding them in headlocks while other cowpokes took turns paddling their rear ends. Weird? Yeah, maybe, but I couldn't stop laughing to myself while I was picturing it in my mind. Thus, the finished product is what you see now. It isn't exactly how I pictured it, but I wouldn't be able to fit all the extras and it would have taken more time to complete than I had available. (I had to put the second coat of paint on the kitchen this morning before we could go to the party.) I'm not extremely fast when it comes to my cartoons.

It was penciled in around 20 minutes during part of my lunch hour this past Friday. Then early this morning, I got up and (after working on some bills and household accounting items) I inked it on my light board. It had to be ready by late this afternoon (and I still had plenty of painting ahead of me) as his surprise party was a dinner party, so I had to work fast. I used for the first time a set of Staedtler pigment liners ranging from 0.1 up to 0.7. I mostly worked with the 0.5 & 0.7 but I did use the 0.3 for some small detail lines. I then scanned in the inked product and brought it into my Photo Shop program to touch up the inking. I have a VisBoard Tablet Monitor. Not nearly as sweet as a Cintiq Wacom tablet monitors, (none of the bells and whistles) but only a 5th of the cost. It's so much easier than using the mouse. Also, I draw left handed, but I use the mouse with my right hand. So, drawing gets extremely difficult when trying to use the mouse. This monitor works great for me. Some things I use with the pressure-pen in my left hand and others I use the mouse in my right hand. I then added the color and the various text. In most of the web comics I had done for 2 1/2 years with one of my sons, (he was the writer and I was the illustrator) I usually used shading on my comics. However, for this gag I thought I would leave the shading off to give it a more "cartoony" appearance. All-in-all I think I used 7 different layers.

Well, that's it for now. Happy Birthday Rich!
So, "toon" in next week.
Same Gag-Time, same Gag-Channel!!!

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