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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Logo Design

I just replaced my old logo (see below) with the "NEW" logo above. I've always wanted to use "ZELLTOONS" as part of my logo and finally decided to do it today. I think the word "ZELLTOONS" just flows really nice and has that "cartoony" ring to it. So I played around with a number of different designs and with the help of my wife and younger son decided on this one. I had wanted to keep the star in it (see the old design below), but it just didn't look right no matter where I placed it. Both my wife and son thought it looked better without it. So now it is ZELLTOONS Cartoons by Gary Zeller.

I hope you like it. If you feel compelled to tell me whether you like the new logo or not, please be my guest. Who knows, you may yet see the star return.

You'll probably notice that I changed the entire look of my blog too. It may change again and again over the next few days. I didn't like the plain blue background and so I am going to look at different styles and looks until I find what I like best. Hopefully I will find one I do like.

Stay "tooned"!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Zell -
    Here's my two cents regarding your two logos: First, I like them both.

    The only thing that bothers me a little is that you repeat "toons" - - - Instead of where you have "cartoons", maybe you could replace that spot with a star ?

    Peter Plum
    You have a nice contemporary "friendly" style . . I like it.

  2. Hey Roy, (ahh,....Peter),
    Thanks for your 2 cents on my logo. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. My wife and I decided to take a few days to "get away" and we are just getting back now.
    As for my logo, I actually wanted to keep the star on my new logo, but both my younger son and wife talked me out of it. It just didn't look right with both the word "cartoons" and the star. So I went with cartoons. It was supposed to read, "ZELLTOONS, cartoons by Gary Zeller. But, because of spacing the word "cartoons" could only go at the top. However, now that you mention how I repeat "toons", I think you are right. I will put together a new, NEW logo replacing the word catoons with the star. Thanks again for the input, truly appreciated.
    BTW, take a look at my latest blog and you might be able to tell where we got away to.