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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kind Words from a Real Cartoon Professional

Check out the kind words about me, in regards to my cartoons, from long time, top notch and extremely talented cartoonist Roy Delgado on his blog at . Roy is one of "THE" top cartoonists in the industry today. His drawings have appeared (and continue to appear) in just about every magazine and trade journal that publishes cartoons. He has been creating humorous cartoons for more than fifty years and he still "keeps on going!" I think he's as close to the Energizer Bunny as one can possibly be. This can only be attributed to his very positive (and absolutely, only positive) attitude that he maintains. No negativity in Mr. Delgado.
Kind words from Roy mean the world to me.
Thanks Roy!


  1. Yes he is! He is extremely talented in knowing just what he needs to include in each drawing to get the concept of the gag across to the viewer. He doesn't let rejections get him down and never blames anyone but himself. He continues to send batches of cartoons to "The New Yorker Magazine" (which is just about the only magazine he has never had a cartoon in...yet!) every week for the last 50+ years. He will not give up and I'm sure he will have a cartoon in The New Yorker eventually. He won't quit and won't take no for an answer! A great role model in positive thinking!!!

  2. Thats quite the accolade to be complimented by such a distinguished cartoonist Gary!

    ... on a side note, seeing your list of links to industry favorites, why in the heck is my comic between them! Dear god it feels so wrong! *smirk*

  3. Hey Scott (Jynksie),
    Thanks for the kind words. Roy is an unbelievable cartoonist and gag writer. He's been in the business for over 50 years. He has still not been able to get a toon of his into The New Yorker Magazine, but he will not give up and sends them batches every week. He estimates probably well over 20,000 cartoons have been rejected by them. He has a great outlook on life and believes "you can do anything you want to do" if you put your mind to it, believe in yourself and continually persist at it. It took him 50 years to break into Playboy Mag and now he sells to them on a regular basis.
    He has provided me with invalueable help, suggestions, and taught me how to believe in myself. A really great guy!!!
    As for your comic, "Madbury", you're the only "web cartoonist, or none gag cartoonist, in the group. You should feel honored. You do a great job at your comic. Hopefully my small addition linking to you will help you with a few more loyal viewers. Your comic is done well and really funny for the over 35 age group! I read it every week and check it almost every day. Anything little help I can provide, I will!
    Thanks again.